SEFX3D Films offers a wide range of services from Promos, Commercials, Infomercials, Documentaries, Corporate &  Marketing Videos, Sports videos, Special Events, Concerts, Cell phone conversion, DVD Authoring, Scripting and Green Screen productions. We achieve high quality HD productions, helping your company plan and create all types of marketing tools from Internet, Viral Videos to the Best attention grabbing promotions of any size. We also offer full Graphics Production including 3D, HD, Still and Motion graphics, Website banner ads and Graphics for Print (Corporate logo design, posters, business cards, brouchers, flyers, greeting cards, newsletters, DVD & CD covers). Please see the video samples on this website to see what we mean. We give you the BEST. 

 Basic Video/Graphics Production Pricing

  • Logo Design: I can provide custom logos for you to use as a branding tool for your company. We will work with you on concepts and visuals. Cost is dependent upon the type of project.
  • Graphic Artwork: Normal hourly rate is $25/hour or $300.00 per final graphic, which ever is agreed upon first.
  • Video Editing: video editing rates are $85/hour. A complete detailed assessment of the entire video project will be supplied before work is started. As an example for a standard commercial presentation video edit, it usually comes out to around $1,000.00 per minute (TV applications and/or commercial use). For other applications such as for the internet and non-commercial use the rate is lower. Cost is dependent upon the type of project.
  • High End Video Graphics: I also create HD video graphics for titles, intros, TV commercials, promos and other video projects that require HD quality. This service can be used in conjunction with client video projects if the customer requests this type of work and it’s worked into the client proposal/agreement. Cost is dependent upon the type of project. Average rate is $1,000.00 per minute for TV Applications and commercial use (selling a product) and lower for internet  and non- commercial use.
  • Video Shooting:  Video production rate is $725/day using a SONY Professional Shoulder Mount HD Video camera with Fluid head tripod and external wireless lavaliere microphone (or wired), lights, green screen backdrops etc. If needed a complete detailed assessment of the entire video project will be supplied before work is started. (Minimum 1/2 day rate is required).
  • Video production services - $85 per hour
  • DVD Menu Authoring and Creation - $50.00 per hour
  • Direct to DVD from any DV source - $35 per session
  • Video encoding/ conversion - $30 per hour
  • Website text and graphics work - $35 per hour
  • All other contract services - $35 per hour
  • DVD-R Duplication - $20 per 5-disk session
  • Compact Disc Duplication - $10 per 5-disk session
  • contract services have a minimum one-hour charge
  • Consultation: Free.

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